• upward climb

    The early part of the hike into Valle Ascencio is a steady climb from the trailhead up the mountain slopes.

  • ascendant blue

    Río Ascencio rushing down from the valley between high banks, carving a cerulean trail.

  • fording

    2 people at a time on the bridge.

  • the trail you've imagined

    A hike that was on my mind for months. We left Hotel Las Torres before sunrise and the skies quickly brightened beyond the mountains, leaving an impermanent reflection.

  • shadowed and light

    The mountains call the late afternoon clouds.

  • unhidden

    Pehoé means hidden in Tehuelche. Beauty waiting to be discovered.

  • glaciar grey

    Blue ice, grey lake. The slowly flowing ice with occasional calving was incredible up close.

  • reaching the sky

    Snow and clouds dot the steep sides of Los Cuernos del Paine.

  • the mountains are calling

    Torres del Paine has been on my bucket list for years and Mirador Lago Nordenskjöld is was the optimal viewpoint. The day's clouds were present enough to see the peaks and at times shroud them with mystery.

  • peineta

    The jagged granite edge of The Comb rises high above Hotel Las Torres.

  • hotel las torres

    Nestled at the base of the Paine massif.

  • lost at shore

    The wreck of Lord Lonsdale--inviting enough that people will climb it despite its precarious state.

  • invernadero

    This abandoned greenhouse had a fence around it that prevented getting close. The shape of a former structure remains without any glass, fading away with time.

  • bright corners

    Outside Parque Quinta Normal: graffiti and low-hanging trees.

  • qué pasa si olvido

    The Museum of Memory and Human Rights, dedicated the history of the Chilean military coup of 1973 and memorializing the years of atrocities that followed.

  • castle on the hill

    Cerro Santa Lucía is within busy Santiago. It was easy to kill an afternoon wandering around the different areas within the park.

  • mountains rising

    Buildings of Santiago up against mountains beyond.

  • santiago sunset

    The massive urban expanse of Santiago fills the basin between mountains.

  • head for heights

    Sunset between the palm fronds with hazy mountains surrounding Santiago. We waited on the top of Cerro San Cristóbal for several hours to see this.

  • on line

    The funicular railway carries passengers up the steep slopes of Cerro San Cristóbal. Taken from Estación Pío Nono at the base of the hill waiting to ascend.

  • laguna blanca

    The lake was coated in a thin sheet of ice disrupting reflections, fading away as if we should wait to see what it reveals,

  • sol de mañana

    Morning sun lights up the steam.

  • hidden light

    Sol de Mañana geyser field, Bolivia

  • the stars of nowhere

    The most middle-of-nowhere I've ever been. 14,000 ft above sea level, at a hostel within a Bolivian natural reserve with power only from generators, I stepped outside before 5 AM to see the Milky Way emblazoned across the darkest of skies.

  • flamboyance

    James's flamingos collected near a freshwater spring feeding into Laguna Colorada. There was something peaceful and mesmerizing about sitting on the shore for a while and watching birds bob their heads into and out of the water.

  • red lagoon

    From the other side of Laguna Colorada.

  • arbol de piedra

    A well-known rock formation in the Siloli Desert: a stone taking the form of a tree.

  • desert shades

    Color gradients in the mountains surrounding the Siloli Desert.

  • flamencos

    Andean and Chilean flamingos in Laguna Hedionda.

  • in search of infinity

    across the reflective ocean of the salar.

  • rusting away

    A morning visit to the train cemetery outside of Uyuni. Arrived early enough on a cloudy and cool day to avoid the crowds and appreciate the sense of abandonment.

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