katie wheeler photography
  • snow & night fall

    It's enchanting the way snow silently piles up to dress the world in new clothes.

  • rise above

    Shortly after sunrise, looking back down the rocky coast at Portland Head Light

  • time is an ocean

    The remains of winter storm Fortis at Portland Head Light

  • fortis

    Winter storm Fortis blanketed Maine in snow, completely changing the landscape overnight. Ventured to Portland Head Light to watch the snow-covered sunrise. We were the second people to make tracks through fresh snowfall to the lighthouse.

  • the watchman

    Well worth waiting for a below-freezing sunset.

  • the light we hide

    The Organ takes a stand against the sun, standing out agains Great White Throne and Angel's Landing

  • jagged eloquence

    In the perfect ways of the unintended, there were no parking spots at the Weeping Rock. I found a pulloff slightly ahead and it gave me the excuse to venture down by the river under towering formations

  • daybreak

    Dawn's light spills over the canyon walls to light up the rock formations beyond

  • lonely freedom

    "The farther one gets into the wilderness, the greater is the attraction of its lonely freedom." HIked up the Canyon Overlook Trail in Zion before sunrise to catch daybreak over the canyon walls to the west.

  • life at the edges

    The first snowfall vs. the greenery of Big Spring/Wingra Springs. Even with a snow-covered landscape, green springs forth

  • make your mark

    The first snowfall of winter didn't happen until December. Woke up and took off for the Arboretum while it was still falling

  • a night to celebrate

    A view every bit as beautiful as the wedding & reception

  • dawn haze

    Pulled over on my morning commute to catch a fog-softened sunrise.

  • azure

    The small strip of isthmus separates water and sky, one lake from another

  • showing your colors

    A tiny vine with bold colors: Olbrich Botanical Gardens

  • natural blush

    Forgot my lens on the first trip out to Esther Beach Park, but made it back in time to catch a beautiful sunset.

  • most beautiful bridge

    The steel span over Tenney Park Lagoon

  • impressions of fall

    Fallen leaves slowly swirl in the Copley Square fountain, leaving trails of color in the water

  • trinity church

    In Boston on a work trip, ventured outside the hotel after sunset.

  • nestled in

    After being stuck in Detroit overnight, I took a walk around Tenney Park when I got into Madison the next morning.

  • miami in motion

    Lights of Miami under warm-weather clouds from a walk out the Venetian Causeway

  • blue ridges

    The peaks of smaller mountains match the Blue Ridge name.

  • fall-colored flight

    Gave up on the Blue Ridge Parkway in the rain and retrated to Ashevile for beer tastings: this one at Catawba Brewing Company

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