katie wheeler photography
  • horseshoe bend

    One last trip to the overlook before heading back to the Grand Canyon.

  • bended brilliance

    Dawn colors the sky just before sunrise lights up Horseshoe Bend.

  • dawn overlook

    A last-minute detour from the Grand Canyon for a day--left at 4 AM from Grand Canyon Village to catch sunrise at Horseshoe Bend.

  • the world is vast.

    Appreciating the vastness and how small we all are in comparison.

  • breaking up

    Tenney Park locks hold onto the last vestiges of a frozen lake in late March

  • pima point

    Carved deep by the Colorado River.

  • bridging the east

    The Brooklyn Bridge spans the East River, with the Manhattan Bridge in the background. Freezing morning in New York

  • autumn at the edge

    Turner Falls from above, with fall foliage in bloom.

  • turner falls

    Impromptu trip to Oklahoma to check off state #49.

  • copper falls (2)

    An alternate view of the falls from near the end of the trail

  • offshoots

    Tyler's Fork Cascades are surrounded by thick forest on the banks.

  • tyler's fork cascades

    An offshoot of the Bad River tumbles down to join it

  • glacial blue

    St. Mary Falls

  • the tumbled & turbulent

    Planned to hike out to Iceberg Lake, but mistakenly took the Swiftcurrent Pass Trail instead. Still a gorgeous morning hike

  • small drops

    Easter weekend hike in Patapsco Valley State Park

  • superior entry

    Sunset over Lake Superior, watched by the light.

  • the last of glacier

    Watched my final Glacier sunset standing in Lake McDonald as the colors slowly slipped away.

  • shades of dawn

    The sky changes as the sun slowly shades mountains in orange.

  • skyline afire

    I was lucky enough to visit Glacier before wildfires broke out in the summer of 2017. Sunsets still set the sky ablaze.

  • uncovering the hidden

    I couldn't have designed a better view.

  • hidden lake overlook

    I was unsure whether the hike to Hidden Lake Overlook was going to be worth it--especially when hiking by myself after sunset. Of course, it turned out to be one of my better decisions.

  • worn by water

    Rocks line the shore of Swiftcurrent Lake underneath bare mountains

  • dawning anew

    Every morning in Glacier is different, even from the same vantage point.

  • the calm & swiftcurrent

    The waters of Swiftcurrent Lake reveal a nearly perfect reflection of Grinnell Point just after dawn.

  • many glacier

    This place, this view, this sunrise are perfection. Mountains are everywhere, including their twins in the clear water.

  • calm on the surface

    Sunset view behind Many Glacier Hotel.

  • wherever we're headed

    In late June for the last 3 years, I've found myself observing a fiery sunset from DTW. Something to be said about timing.

  • sunset afterglow

    The sunset initially looked to be disappointing because of total cloud cover: waiting until after sunset paid off with the trapped lights of San Diego illuminating the sky.

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