katie wheeler photography
  • lighting the landscape

    The sun peeks over the horizon and the clouds from my perch on Lookout Mountain

  • caught colors

    Western clouds capture colors from the rising sun in the east.

  • furrows

    Ruts in the sand on Mile Beach

  • waiting to fall

    Six years later and this abandoned camp on the New Meadows still stands. https://www.flickr.com/photos/almostsummersky/4855424541/

  • howard point

    Annual family vacation to the Maine house on Howard Point

  • holbrooks

    Stopped to buy fresh lobsters in Cundy's Harbor

  • oncoming storm

    Rain storms across the far side of Lake Mendota at sunset.

  • aura of twilight

    This was the perfect night to watch the sun go down over Lake Monona and the isthmus. Took an almost 4 minute exposure with a neutral density filter to watch the clouds skim across the sky

  • charlotte skyline

    I didn't spend much time in Charlotte, but it was enough to get this. 95 second exposure.

  • father's garden

    Visited home for Father's Day and the front yard peonies were in bloom.

  • swan lake

    Iconic Furman: swan and the Bell Tower

  • bowing

    A tree bows into the water on the edge of Furman Lake

  • falls park, sc

    Managed to catch this shot just before the rain ran me off again.

  • the other side of sunset

    Opposite the descending sun, an almost mirrored sunset appeared in the clouds in the east

  • slide

    A creek slides down the rocks in Table Rock State Park

  • blue ridge escarpment

    I spent a beautiful Saturday night watching the sun set over the mountains

  • rolling hills

    Caesars Head overlook, gazing out over miles of South Carolina forest

  • mandarin

    View across the water of downtown Miami from Brickell Key & the Mandarin Oriental. Dinner at La Mar was exquisite.

  • docked

    Marina outside the Miami Marriot Biscayne Bay

  • terrace season

    The revamped Memorial Union Terrace opened for the summer

  • home centerpiece

    We stayed in a church converted into condos for my sister's graduation.

  • approaching the light

    The setting sun over the city of brotherly love: captured as we approached the runway in Philadelphia

  • shades of blue hour

    Just after sunset, not quite to the blue hour. Mendota still has a variety of cool shades

  • raymer's cove

    Sun settling into Lake Mendota from my perch on the opposite shore

  • pebbles

    Took off after work to seek out the sunset from a new viewpoint.

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